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Go the Distance


is a locally owned Seattle Physical Therapy clinic in South Lake Union across the street from REI. We have over 50+ years of combined clinical experience, and look forward to working with a variety of orthopedic patients. All of our therapists are well trained in a variety of Manual Therapy techniques including joint mobilizations and soft tissue techniques. Whether you are looking for athletic physical therapy or physical therapy for neck pain from sitting at work too long, we are the clinic that can help you achieve your goals fastest. We look forward to working with you and providing the best care Seattle has to offer.

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Our non-surgical, non-invasive sports medicine treatments are highly effective in restoring pain-free function and enjoyable participation in daily activities and sports. We treat a full range of overuse injuries for patients throughout Seattle. Integrating the latest in sports medicine, and physical rehab, we work closely with patients to optimization performance, without unnecessary or prolonged care.